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      Decent KoreanJapanese food. Big thick sashimi slices, though the prices do commiserate.

    thumb Kelvin P.

      The price is expensive even though they
    give you little food on some stuff. The waiters just stand there doing nothing instead of helping the customers. They are a good place to eat if their price wasn't too expensive and the food was a good amount for people.

    thumb Allie P.

      I may be grading on a curve just coming back from the nightmare that was Taste of Asia, but this place is great! Super authentic Korean food by Korean folks. The Bibim Naengmyeon was excellent, the side dishes super fresh and appetizing, and my main dish, the squid stone bibimbap hit the spot. Great spice without being overbearing, and the stone bowl was super hot, giving the rice at the bottom a nice crisp. The bowl was still hot well after I'd finished. This is definitely my go-to Korean restaurant now.

    thumb Gene K.

      This is amazing Korean food and sushi. We had bulgogi and sashimi. The bulgogi was even better than home made one I have had that was my gold standard and the sushimi was out of this world and presented beautifully!

    thumb David S.

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