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      I've been to this restaurant twice.

    The first time was very soon after its grand opening, for dinner.  My friend and I both ordered yakisoba, but were told they didn't have the yakisoba noodles, so they would have to use udon instead. This wouldn't have been a problem, except that the udon was flavorless. I ordered a specialty sushi roll with spicy shrimp and tempura that was bland.  I also marked off a piece of tamago sushi on the sushi menu, which was never brought.  The waitress must not have seen it.  Normally I'd say something, but since I didn't care for the sushi I did get, I just decided to save some money. The service was really slow the whole meal.

    The second time, I went a month or so later for lunch.  I tried the tonkatsu (pork broth) ramen this time. It was a giant bowl, but the broth was pretty one dimensional. You can tell it was powdered soup rather than broth made from scratch with bones. Nothing to write home about. My brother ordered a soondubu (Korean tofu stew with seafood) and everything was cooked to death. He also ordered a spicy California roll.  It was drenched in a spicy mayo sauce that tasted off.  While waiting for our order, we saw our waitress and the sushi chefs just chilling and eating.

    I haven't tried the Korean bbq, so I can't evaluate it.  Each meat was more than $20, and you have to order a minimum of 2 meats...way overpriced.

    I was excited to see a new sushi restaurant take over the vacant building that used to be Ah Wok Chinese restaurant. The interior does look so much brighter and nicer than before, and it is clean inside.  I wanted to like this place.  Unfortunately, I was very unimpressed by the food and service both times and I won't be back.

    thumb Cory C.

      People working at this restaurant put strong perfumes. I cannot believe this. I will be ruined  the taste of food.
    We ordered Tempura udon and soup was really bad. This is nothing close to Japanese food.

    thumb Yukiyasu N.

      I was appalled by how this restaurant could possibly serve the Dynamite dish for $6.95. As you can see in the pics there was nothing but sauce on a thin bed of rice. Dynamite is normally supposed to be served with a scorched/baked layer of fish but no fish could be found....The tempura udon on the other hand was served with an abundant amount of tempura on the side which is why I added a star for this restaurants rating.

    thumb Sarah K.

      Stood by the host stand for 5 minutes. 4 employees ran by me and didn't even look at me. Nobody at host stand. Sushi chef looked me in the eye and did not say a word to anyone. Good job guys. Thanks for wasting only a little bit of my time.

    thumb Dan F.

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