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      Hubby and I tried this place for the first time tonight.  We liked our meal, I had the tempura chicken nice and crispy I added wasabi for more flavor.  Hubby ordered beef dish bulgogi he liked it but would of enjoyed it more if it was charred a little.  Appetizer of yum yum rolls were really good.  Dumplings were good also.  We will go back for sure, nice and clean, I had a hard time understanding our waitress.

    thumb Mary O.

      I have to say that I wish this was a better rating. The new place is so close and I would love to know there is a great new "go-to" spot.  

    First impression of the interior, very nice, clean and has a modern, but conservative look.  They took over the old -Ah Wok location and that was very dated, so nice new look.  We were greeted in a friendly manner and asked if we wanted regular menu items or barbecue.  Initially, we choose regular items because based on the one Yelp review, we really wanted to try their ramen.  But, sadly, we found out that ramen is only offered as a lunch choice.  I find that difficult to understand because they have udon on the dinner menu.  

    We moved to a barbecue table to order bulgogi and marinated chicken breast for the traditional Korean BBQ.  The prices are high, each item is over $20.  The "sides" we're ok, not too imaginative or plentiful.  The orders were ok, bulgogi, very stringy, the chicken breast, just plain.  I had to ask for rice and also ask for miso soup, did not come with the meal or they forgot.  I will have to review my receipt more closely.  They also did not have any dipping sauces.  When I asked for some, they did bring Sriracha which helped, but not really what I am accustomed to for Korean BBQ.  The dinner was disappointing.  

    Some hope is still there because I did order chicken Katsu carry out and it was decent.  Also, if they do offer affordable and tasty ramen at lunch, I might try that.  For now, will not be a dinner destination.  

    Update:  I have ordered carry out more than a few times since my original review and I must revise.  They take such good care with their orders and the food is more than good.  We have ordered the shoyu ramen numerous times, the chicken katsu: crispy, tasty chicken breast. The shoyu ramen has a very nice broth, generous portions and a good bite to the noodles.  The oyako donburi: all white meat chicken, flavorful and very tender. The restaurant takes care in their preparation and it appears that they strive to provide a good value with very good food. I am looking forward to trying more items.  

    By the way, I ordered my last carry out with their on-line ordering system. It worked really well and I found it super convenient.

    thumb Maya C.

      A relative bought a gift certificate for this restaurant for our celebration. We decided to eat at lunch time. I was quite surprised by the quality of the food and service. The entrees were very delicious and the staff were prompt with bringing out each dish. (They could improve on collecting plates and refilling drinks.) After having read other reviews, I would agree that the portions of their entrees are quite large and could be shared with another adult. We ordered a tongkatsu ramen, California roll, salmon roll, and chicken Katsu with rice. The number of banchans given were dependent on how many entrees were ordered. The check is given with small, hard candies. Overall I would eat here again, but order less so we wouldn't have so much left over.

    thumb Tam T.

      The price is expensive even though they
    give you little food on some stuff. The waiters just stand there doing nothing instead of helping the customers. They are a good place to eat if their price wasn't too expensive and the food was a good amount for people.

    thumb Allie P.

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